Guru Nanak Naam Sewa Mission

Founder of Guru Nanak Naam Sewa Mission

Baba Balbir Singh Bedi

Baba Balbir Singh Bedi

This world is the creation of God. It preserves different types of miracle and surprising colours which are beyond wisedom of power of humanity. Human generation itself is a surprisal colourful entity existing in God's creation God gives human birth to all but there are very rare people who adopts the concept of global family as an integral part of his life for serving the mankind to lead their life comfortably.

Baba Balbir Singh Bedi, 16th Generation of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, is such a human being whose main objective of his life, is to love the God's generation and also associate in doing religious functions with devotion, dedication and spirit of scarification. He really dwells in the hearts of those who remain linked with Sikh- Gurus and Sangat. His noble service tendered for humanity, is extremely supreme as he explains the really meaning of spiritual message of God through Guru Shabad and sacred Gurbani which leaves a wonderful effect upon living of humanity in the world. The God's-beloved sangat coming to him, gets self-realisation and satisfaction on hearing his rich considerations/views and put into practice.

With benevolence of Almighty, Guru Nanak Naam Sewa Mission ( Regd.) on Gurpurab day of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, was set up by Baba Balbir Singh Bedi since 1992 to run Lok Bhalai functions to serve the humanity with dedication and since then these functions are running continuously till date, thus he has a very close attachment with Gurmat Path and its principles due to which he remains involved in true " Sewa" of mankind. Baba Balbir Singh Bedi is also sermoning through " Shabad Kirtan" ( Pious Gurbani ) and give a new turn to thinking of Guru's sangat. All religious welfare programmes are run based upon the principles of no-difference & no caste while serving the creation of God. He leads his life according to this great couplet from Gurbani " MAN NEEVA MATT UCHHI " ( Keeping mind under strict control with rich and high thinking )

Baba Balbir Singh Bedi Ji is a spiritually enlightened with God knowledge and he is a quite generous by nature and helps every needy person who approaches him and do not hope to get any reward of any kind in lieu of his good deeds. He has no regard of public appreciation except to serve the mankind by setting good and unique instances for others so as to a good society of self-realizing people and for preaching of Guru's teachings, may be made in the world . God may bless him with more spiritual power to carry on all kinds of welfare functions to serve the mankind with dedication and to be merciful on creation of God.